Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Phil Morrison Connection

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Whether or not you think those Hi, I'm a Mac commercials were effective, you must admit that they were at least... well-directed. It's with great pleasure that I present the movie Junebug, which is directed by the same guy, Phil Morrison. It was partly to his merit that Justin Long, who plays the Mac, decided to do the commercial despite it being something of a step down from movie acting:
Seriously. I thought that. But I grew up in a house where my mom was a commercial actress; she made a living making commercials, so I recognize the value of them.
He was also a big fan of the movie and the director. What isn't a reason is his love of Macs, since he apparently never owned a computer before shooting the commercial. Also according to the story, there are many more commercials coming.

Totally related, yet not at all (had to throw this in), ad critic Seth Stevenson calls the ads "mean-spirited" and gives the commercials an average score, mostly due to the ineffective message. I'm not sure I agree that every PC user is in the target demographic, but he also liked Junebug.

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