Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The scope has widened

It is not outside the scope of this blog to talk about Dell stuff. I have mentioned my Dell consumption in the past. First, there was my initial purchase of a Dell laptop. Then, I transformed it into a powerbook, then I talked about the wonders of the built-in battery meter.

Now, I will report that my battery has refused to take part in the mass exodus back to Japan. I checked out whether the part was part of Dell's unprecedented recall of 4.1 million batteries made by Sony (poor souls). This accounts for over 16 percent of all batteries shipped between 4/2004 and 7/2006. I'm guessing that most of these were either high capacity or super slim batteries, both not characteristic of my humble 53-Whr clunker.

Check: Identify if your battery is affected<-Dell.com<-digg


Eric said...

Speaking of power, I think my iBook's charger is one of the many with broken internal wiring. For the past year or so charging has been a bit of a problem. Mainly depleted battery life and randomly having the backlight or whole system just crap out and turn off.

I think it's about time for a new battery and charger, the thing has lasted 2.5 years without a problem.

Will said...

I guess the important question is, do you have Apple Care?

cogito said...

fujitsu, the leading laptop producer in Japan, stated that they will not recall their Sony batteries because devices have anti-overheating design.

it stated that "for safety, majority of Japanese laptop producers would let high voltage current flow from A/C power supply to the batteries directly."

Will said...

An afterthough on the Apple Care question: I realized that if you had been subscribing to AppleCare, you'd have already gotten the battery switched. However, seeing as you've been problem free for all this time, not getting Apple Care was probably the right choice.

Cogito, I thought of 2 things concerning that revelation by Fujitsu. The extra mile in terms of design really shows for them and if what they say is true concering other manufacturers, other producers should follow suit.

On the other hand, if the batteries were made right, overheating wouldn't be a problem. The only other case of an exploding battery was in a mobile phone using a third-party battery of doubtful quality.

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