Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Size comparison of upcoming Creative Zen audio players

All of these three players currently have a maximum capacity of 4 GB.

The first two short ones are the Zen V Plus and Zen Neeon 2 with video playback. The nano is the tall one and doesn't. Just an interesting use of Google Sketchup that took way too much time. [This updated picture took like 5 minutes with the useful 'value control' feature in Sketchup.]

With nothing really wrong with it and a classic along-the-side button placement, will the Neeon 2 (the one in middle) be Creative's bittersweet swan song before Apple's torrent of product announcements at the next Jobs keynote?

UPDATED 7:33 PM ET: pic
UPDATED 8/4/06 3:36 PM ET: added alt property for picture with dimensions in mm


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