Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"Was it good for you, too?"

Forgive me, for I have been unfaithful. No, this isn't about my spirituality. Rather, it's about my violation of what Amber Simmons says is important to be an engaging writer in the online world. Her article Gentle Reader, Stay Awhile. I Will Be Faithful is about how to improve your writing in a way that encourages readers to invest their time and attention, ultimately making it worthwhile for both the writer and the reader.

And, this must be true, because as good as her writing is, I only got to read it now after bookmarking it yesterday. What I'll try to do:
  • Provide more context.
  • Imagine writing for a real person who has questions and limited time/background.
  • Write a better title/intro paragraph.

And this post's headline? It's how every ALA (a list apart) article ends, leading into the comments section. Well, was it?

SOURCE: A List Apart [my cached copy here]

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